Jersey Jobs And Biz is your place to hear from other business owners and entrepreneurs in the Garden State. This podcast creates a community where you can discuss and share problems, solutions, and ideas. It is a timely forum built with input from you, in your own words.

Veteran New Jersey radio journalists Mathew Passy and Patrice Sikora power the podcast. Both have deep Jersey roots.

Mathew and Patrice bring their experience in reporting and business to Jersey Jobs And Biz with the goal of highlighting your business in this time of unprecedented challenge and uncertainty.

Find your voice! We want your thoughts and interviews to set the topics and power the conversation on Jersey Jobs And Biz. This is your community during the Covid-19 pandemic. You are not alone. Connect. Share. Support.

Mathew Passey

Mathew is a native of East Brunswick. He is a Podcast Producer/Consultant. His radio credentials include the Wall Street Journal Radio Network and radio station 101.5, WKXW. Mathew is also launching, a platform designed to put all locally sourced content creators in a single space.


Patrice Sikora

Patrice grew up in North Jersey, but her career includes many radio years in Somerset County as well as time with the Wall Street Journal Radio Network, Bloomberg Radio, WINS, and United Press International.